UMAC Cup Case Competition 2021

We are excited to announce that registration for the sixth annual UMAC Cup Case Competition, sponsored by Wawanesa Insurance is open! Click here to register as a team and here to register as an individual (not preferred but we want to ensure that all students who want to participate have the opportunity to do so).

Why Compete in the UMAC Cup?

The UMAC Cup is an invaluable opportunity to develop your resume, increase the number of interesting talking points in your applications for internship/full-time position, and practice some essential skills that are required to excel in the actuarial profession. You will have the opportunity to solve an actuarial problem in a team and present your findings to a set of judges, who are actuarial analysts at Wawanesa. Problem solving and presentation skills are highly sought after by many employers and will make you a better candidate! Typically, case competitions require a massive time commitment, however the UMAC Cup is designed to be completed less than 4 hours. As a result it’s a great chance to practice for larger case competitions. The UMAC Cup is also a unique opportunity for students in the Faculty of Science who may not be eligible for some Asper case competitions. Last but not least, $2000 in cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams ($1200 to the winner, $500 to the 2nd place team and $300 to the 3rd place team)! 


Each team can be made up of 3-4 UofM students. At least one team member must be currently in Interest Theory or have completed it this past fall, or have yet to take it. This rule is to encourage younger students in the program to get involved and learn from students who have more experience. We also really want to emphasize that judges will not be judging based on how easily someone can communicate in English, but will judge on your ability to present ideas. Don’t let the presentation part scare you away! We will host a seminar on navigating a virtual case competition on Thursday, February 4th at 6pm.

Virtual Case Competition Prep Workshop: Thursday, February 4th 6:00-7:00PM

In this workshop we will go over tips on how to succeed in the analysis, presentation and Q&A in the case competition. Since this is a virtual case competition and not many individuals have experienced a virtual case competition, we are requiring that at least 1 team member from each team attend the workshop to be able to compete on February 13th. We do recommend that every team member attends the workshop if possible.


As this is the inaugural virtual UMAC Cup, there will be some differences on how the competition is run. Teams will still have 3 hours to analyze the case, however every team will present once to the same set of judges instead of having a preliminary and final round presentations. As a result, the time commitment for the competition is even lower than before, to only around 3.5 hours compared to a whole day in the previous UMAC Cup Case Competitions.

Important Dates and Deadlines
  • UMAC Case Competition Prep Workshop: Thursday, February 4th, 6:00 – 7:00 PM, via Zoom

  • Deadline to register for the UMAC Cup: Friday, February 5th, 11:59 PM

  • UMAC Cup: Saturday, February 13th


Questions or concerns? Feel free to email us at


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